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I have officially been here one month. HOW?! This time last month my family and I were unloading the truck. 
Ok, so this is a majority of everything i've been doing this past month. First I apologize for the few blogs I've posted. I literally have no time.
This is me Monday through Friday for me: Get up at 6a Leave at 8a *walk half a mile to the bus* Bus ride 10 min Subway 40 min

The subway I take every morning. The 1 train
Arrive at KU by 9:30a - I usually have a 15 min window to grab a Starbucks :) Leave KU around 7p  Get home between 8:30-9:30p... it just depends on what I need to do afterwards.  ON TOP OF THAT I'm still looking for a job and trying to assist with things bk in Texas.
Nice thing about taking the subway is that it has taught me to be on time. I haven't been late once! That itself is a miracle. I get off the subway right at 42nd and 7th which is Times Square. (I'll update with pics later)
So in regards to what I have been doing... lots of everythin…