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I have officially been here one month. HOW?! This time last month my family and I were unloading the truck. 

Ok, so this is a majority of everything i've been doing this past month. First I apologize for the few blogs I've posted. I literally have no time.

This is me Monday through Friday for me:
Get up at 6a
Leave at 8a
*walk half a mile to the bus*
Bus ride 10 min
Subway 40 min

The subway I take every morning. The 1 train

Arrive at KU by 9:30a - I usually have a 15 min window to grab a Starbucks :)
Leave KU around 7p 
Get home between 8:30-9:30p... it just depends on what I need to do afterwards. 
ON TOP OF THAT I'm still looking for a job and trying to assist with things bk in Texas.

Nice thing about taking the subway is that it has taught me to be on time. I haven't been late once! That itself is a miracle. I get off the subway right at 42nd and 7th which is Times Square. (I'll update with pics later)

So in regards to what I have been doing... lots of everything. You could call this a crash course in Fashion Design. Since this is the first one I've ever done, I wasn't sure on what to expect. Keep in mind that every place is different. Larger business such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, etc... they all perform differently compared to KU. The same for smaller businesses. KU is a small business, but still large enough to outsource and be in demand.

I've definitely gained knowledge regarding production. 
My list of todo's so far:

Source fabric/trim
Contact vendors
Mock up sewing
Dye jobs... I really suck at this job.
Sewing samples
Paper work
Computer work
Prep garments for meeting
Prep displays

There are some days where I feel like I'm just doing petty stuff aka "busy work." But that really isn't a bad thing. There's always an upside to everything you do, you just have to acknowledge it. Everyone has to do the small stuff, and the small stuff has actually reviled to me how I might like to maintain my business one day.

Say Cheeeese...

Fashion First.

A GREAT way to start the day :) Starbuck and Fashion

This is a picture of trim and fabric. My job: go to various places and either find something with the same color but a different style, or find another item that looks the same.

An art store that has endless supplies... so it feels like.

Where I usually go to buy zippers.

This is Pacific. 
They sell Riri zippers. What are Riri Zippers? Ok ladies ever wondered why your coach purse zips close so well compared to others? It's probably because they use the riri zippers. I don't know how they do it, but riri zippers offer a smooth closure... unlike others. This is also one of the places where I go if I'm in need of a certain type of style, color, or length. Sometimes it's overwhelming. 

Trim store

Tons and TONS of trim to purchase and choose from. It's no wonder fashion students here in NYC have such fantastic show to put on. If I went to school here, I know my outfits would look more like costumes then marketable RTW.

Another fantastic trim store, but I like Mokuba more.

When in search of trim or fabric, things I check for: 

Content- Sometimes these items need to be dyed before we send it out to have reproduced. If something's polyester it's not gonna take as well as cotton. Poly and acrylic are not a natural esthetic, so it takes more dye and longer time. If there's a combination of both fabrics well then it'll display different colors. I try to avoid when I can.

Width- Depending on how wide it is, I need to purchase less or more fabric

Price- Can't over spend

More places to go for fabric: - I will say this, keep your eye's open you never know who your going to see. Whenever Project Runway films they close mood for about an hour. I was walking that way to grab some fabric and saw Tim Gunn walk out... he's so debonair. Of course I didn't wanna act all OMG! lol so I just glanced at him and went on my way. Now if I saw Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, or Jake Gyllenhall... well that's just a different story all together. I can't promise you my composure would be in tack. 

I really need someone to invent a titanium needle. Mine keep bending, no bueno.

The way it works: When it's runway season, this is the time that companies look to see what's in style like; color, shape, & hardware. From there they choose fabrics that are similar to what's trending. 

Best part of Garment District: SAMPLE SALE!!!!

Dye dips: I will dye multiple pcs of fabric just to get that ONE specific color. I had three pages of this stuff. Once you get that appropriate color, you then dip the entire fabric. I can handle the dye dips, but not the entire fabric... although, considering it was my first time I don't think I did that bad of a job. Least to say, I don't volunteer myself for that task. 

Now for some NYC:

Whenever you come visit you've got to go see: I'm totally envious of all these kids that get to live in the city. This so would have made school field trips much more entertaining. Keep in mind that everything here is actual size or enlarged in order to be viewed better by the human eye.

Some things you'll see in the museum:

It's a whale.... wasn't sure if I could have my flash on.

A dodo bird

How crazy is this creature!?!

These were really cool to look at

To all my friends out there who have kids, nieces, nephews, BBBS... if you ever get the chance to take them here, do it! The kids will love it.

Art, entertainment, shopping, you can have it all!... 4 a price :)

The joys of getting your hair cut in NYC. No I haven't done so yet, but I heard that they charge you to blow dry your hair and I wanted to see if it's true. Oh yea, they have no shame charging to blow dry hair. I really miss my hairdresser Lisa.

Art is everywhere in NYC, just one of the many reasons I love this place. 

Love his tattoo. Really nice guy. His name is Janzzy. I think his parents knew what they were doing when naming him... seriously. 

Art, art, art... it's everywhere!

Washington Square Park, right next to NYU

Seriously, I've always wanted to attend a class here. 

Everyones out and about playing in the water fountain, laying on the grass, jogging, reading, etc... Don't get me wrong, it was HOTT!

Recognize this spot??? The only reason why I wanted to come here. This is where Sally dropped of Harry in When Harry Met Sally :)
(Looking towards Washington Square Park)

The other side

The iconic Macy's of which I am SOOO excited that I'll be able to attend the parade this year. Personally, I'm not that crazy about the store. I went in it bk in '07 and I just did not care for it one bit.

Outside the Met. Love this picture.

Running errands and before I hop on the subway I get to see this :)

On Broadway

Best calzone ever!

Another place I've been too. It's about a 20 min drive from me. It's more up north. Ridge Hill. 

Very cute, great shopping and eating. They have everything from small boutique shopping to Lord and Taylor, an Apple store, and even a pretty huge movie theater... that sold food inside of it. Like ice cream, pizza, Starbucks. Also lots of good places to eat, they even have a Cheesecake Factory. So this was nice, it felt closer to home.

These were really cool, there's fire being blown up underneath the water as it comes out.

How about some of that Brooklyn Bridge. This time I actually brought my camera. The cool thing about taking pictures of this bridge is that you can come here at different points in the day and get completely different shots.

When walking towards BB, Manhattan Bridge on your left.

Statue of Liberty on your right

There's a path for bikers/joggers and a path for tourist/walking

That's it for today :) I hope all of you enjoy and get the opportunity to see this city some day.



    I love that you explained a little about your job. It's very interesting!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


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