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This ain't Texas...

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

Zoo York is an understatement. Zoo's are organized and separated. This place is more like Chaotic New York, but then again that doesn't flow as nicely and there for not nearly as many tshirts would be sold... if any.

Where I live: Yonkers, NY.

Today I got to do something I've always wanted to do... go jogging in the city. I really do love the city, and if I ever come back to Texas it'll be for these reasons:

1. I want space
2. Tired of paying for so much
3. Sick of seeing trash everywhere I look... this really is a dirty city.

But seriously, it's so gorgeous up here it'll take a miracle to get me bk in Tx.

Now for pictures...

There is green everywhere. My apt is on the left.

This is what I thought to myself today... Ever wonder why the bad guy (in movies) doesn't realize he's being watched or followed? I think I know why, there's cars lined up the street everywhere. No wonder they never notice... I wouldn't notice.

Where I live it's very hilly... is that a word? Anyhow, everything is built on a hill. You walk up and down to your destination, resulting in a very good workout. Today after I went jogging, I actually had sweat on my back... and i never sweat, but its simply because of all the hills I had to jog up.

bus map

This is at the end of my street. I actually live next to a park that has tons of trails in it. 

An abandoned building

Trash, this is no surprise. Who knows how long it's been there. I imagine it'll stay there until someone puts it in the trash or a homeless person comes and adopts it.

The 1890's called and said they want their shoe back

The street I walk up to get to broadway

This is the same street that takes you into Times Square

Remember those trails I was telling you about, there's also lots of entrances here as well. At about 5 this is usually full of people visiting or kids playing outside. You'll see kids practicing baseball and football. There's also lots of BBQing going on.

Tons and tons of apartments. You'll always see window units, open windows, and clothes hanging to dry. You also always see people outside... Especially guys and yea the guys look shady, but don't be quick to judge. Be cautious, but don't be quick to judge.  

A trail to take to go biking, jogging, walking, whichever you like.

Dog walker, haven't really seen that many.

Incase you were curious, gas is about $3.80 and up in the city.

No I haven't tried Jolly Joe Snack... it doesn't look that enticing.

Another park, you'll see several of these.

It's amazing how much people stay outside. Reading, walking, jogging, biking, visiting, laying out... its a very common thing to do. Might I add it was absolutely gorgeous today. I don't know how warm it got... 80's maybe, but the breeze in the air made it even better... Yea I know, be jealous ;)

I really liked this house. It has so much character, unfortunately bad location. Do you see the window units?

It wasn't open today but I'll definitely go back and check it out.

Van Cortlandt Park, is incredible. They have a golf course, tennis courts, swimming area, play ground, trails to go walking and biking on.

It's funny, you have this gorgeous park on the left side of the street and then on the right side it could be these trashy little stores


Entrance to the subway

When I first saw this, I thought it was a penitentiary... lol... wrong. It's part of the park, their basketball courts... City life.

The subway up top

It amazes me, there's city life amongst this forrest.

Garden Gourmet. Love this grocery store! It's the typical kind you see in movies staring Meg Ryan. Very small on the inside but tons of things to choose from, like: cheese, olives, bagels, coffee, etc... It was then and there that I decided I needed to marry someone who likes to cook. Going in that grocery store was like trying to find Waldo. I had no idea where to start??? They had all of these interesting things you wanna try as well... which by the way reminds me, surprisingly I actually don't care about going to "fancy" restaurants, I would much rather cook a unique dish at home then go out.

Everything I just showed you was within 3 miles of my home. Tomorrow at 9 I'll be biking around the city, so I will do my best to show you some more great parts of the city.


  1. I really like the use of your photos and comments. This, to me, is very informative and helpful to people who might want to go to New York, but they need to do what you did--walk by faith. Love ya

  2. All right now, young lady, this has just gone far enough. This New York adventure is all fine and good, but when you start saying things like "it's so gorgeous up here it'll take a miracle to get me bk in Tx," I seriously start to wonder about your upbringing. Where did your parents go wrong that you could talk about Texas in such a way?! ;)

    J/K. But even if you live in NY forever, there is nothing that can compare to the feeling you get when you set foot back in Texas. Or at least that was true for me when we moved away. Don't ever forget your roots!

    Keep the blog pics coming!

    -- Becky

    1. LOL! C'mon now! You would think the same thing if you grew up in the same small towns that I have ;) Your right though, I know that when I get back to Texas it'll be nice. Who knows how long I'll be here.


  3. I admire you for going out and capturing your dreams! You knew what you wanted and you went after it, that is BRAVE. I also know that pour Savior is taking every step with you. Go for it beautiful young Woman take on the world, follow your dreams. Much love and luck,but somehow I know you do not need a lot of luck, you will land on your feet in beautiful shoes none the less.
    All My Love,
    Rachel Kevil

    1. Thank you Rachel, I deeply appreciate those kind words. I definitely agree with you, I know he's right there with me every step of the way. Thank you for the sweet thought and warm wishes.


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