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Sunglasses & Fedoras, it's all part of NYC...

Because it's Little Italy, Chinatown, Brooklyn... BECAUSE IT NYC!

Favorite things about NYC:

Art around every corner... & it's not always in a museum
Cute and quante stores
Unique restaurants
Trixs to know about the city
You can be or do anything you want to do

So yesterday was pretty fun for me :) and it didn't rain, so all the better.

What I recommend:

1. Get your bike from an actual bike shop. Why? They no more about bikes then you do... and on top of that, I had no idea you could get so in-depth with bikes. Get battery operated flashers, don't just depend on reflectors. You'll also want a water bottle holder. Another thing, get a bike from your local bike dealer. He or she will be familiar with the area you'll be in, and therefore can recommend what will be best for you.

Here's some helpful brochures. Ian at the bike shop was really helpful and suggested them for me. The one on the left is a map for all bike lanes in NYC, and the one on the right is a guide. I didn't know what the rules were, and he gave this to me :)

So yesterday I got to spend the day in NYC with a friend who actually knows the area, and it was a blast.

What I learned...

When you decide to visit the Met, you don't have to pay full price for admission. Did you know that? Yea, just tell them that you want to make a donation... however much you'd like... and that's all you pay. How awesome is that! Admission is around $25, so it makes a difference especially if you plan on attending several times in one month. So don't be shy :)

Got to see the Schiaparelli and Prada exhibit:
Incredible! I recommend it fashion divas. It's so fascinating to see how similar the two designers were. 

After the exhibit, had dinner at this nookish type restaurant. 

Had this yummy salad that had grilled goat cheese... delicious. 

I wish I could tell you what parts I enjoy the most about the city, but there's just too much to choose from. St. Marks was great, East Village is fun... it's all fun! I've decided that each weekend i'll do my best to dissect an area. Try to get familiar with it and find out what I like the most... and then I can pass it on to you :)

Remember you can't have dinner without dessert. How about some Big Gay Ice Cram?! LOL Can you believe it? That is actually the name of an ice cream shop. It was definitely different, but fun. There's even a unicorn painted on the wall.

 Now I don't remember what it's called, but I had a hot fudge sundae with nuts. This wasn't just any traditional sunday, it had SPICY hot fudge with PUMPKIN seeds.

Cheesy photo of me! lol

 I loved it, and would get it again. Now if your wondering, "how was the hot fudge spicy?" It had cayenne pepper in it. It was definitely different. Did you ever see that movie Chocolat with Johnny Depp?

Well this sundae should be enjoyed with that movie... then again maybe a bag of chocolate??? Ok, I know that's so wrong. Don't do the bag of chocolate.

After that yummy and fun experience, on to the next!

So the nice thing about having a friend show you around the city, is that they know things. Like fun facts! Did you know that flat lighting allows little to no shadows. Apparently building were lined up in a curvature way so that it allows flat lighting in the city. Although I'm not a 100% sure if that was applied to the entire city or not??? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. 

So were walking in Little Italy, and I see a purse store that has a sale sign in it... naturally I suggest that we go in. Were about to leave, when suddenly were confronted with rows of sunglasses. Actually they're more like cheap and ugly sunglasses, but that was the beauty of this entire collection. Right then and there you have this choice; you can either pass up these sunglasses, or soak up the moment to be ridiculous. Let's be ridiculous.

Mission accomplished!

Let the walking continue...

Everywhere around you are restaurants. People stand outside and continuously ask you "your ready?" "dinner?" "are you hungry?" It's insane. It's like those people that stand in the mall and ask if you want lotion... but imagine 5 of them standing in a line repetitively asking you. Kinda annoying :) So in the middle of these restaurants are your typical souvenir shops, and suddenly were approached with fedoras...

I love fedoras. They look good.

So we figure since were wearing these goofy sunglasses, why not a fedora to add to it? Honestly with the way people dress in NYC, I think we just blended in even more.

So we came this far, whats a little further? Chinatown's right next door...

Personally I like Little Italy more, but here's some pretty cool looking food we found:

After Chinatown we decided to go see the bull, but got distracted with seeing the Brooklyn bridge

From the Brooklyn Bridge

That's the Manhattan Bridge

NYC is behind me!

How great is that view

Get these apps!

1. Time Out New York
2. MTA Helper
3. City Transit

A city that never sleeps!


  1. Great pics! I'm jealous! Can I move in with you?
    -- becky


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