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Do cats really land on their feet?...

So this blog is a little off the beaten path from what I usually talk about, but I didn't sleep at all last night cause of it... and I would like some input.

First though, just a little recap of my latest adventure... sorry no pics today :(

Like I've told you before I live in Yonkers. Where this town ends and begin, I have no clue??? Everything just merges together. You could send me to a certain part of this town, and I'll assume I'm still in Yonkers. Of course we all know this'll change with the more I become familiar with it.

Anyhow, my roommate was sweet enough to show me a few things about the area, but first you need to understand that she is a fitness instructor.... she teaches Yoga, Zumba, Cycling, etc... the woman's in shape. So yesterday we made it a point to go cycling at 9. The plan was to leave here, cycle together to her gig, and while doing so she would point out some things about the city... like where to go, whats good, whats where, etc. Remember how I told you I got a bicycle? Well I've been really hesitant to use it here. Bike lanes don't exist everywhere, so in my area I'm riding right next to cars, busses, and trucks... which kinda freaks me out. Remember, you can't let fear reign in your life. You must concur those fears.

9am comes around and I'm ready to go. Had to make sure my outfit was cute of course... remember I'm not a biker. We get out the front door, and whats the first thing we do? Go up a hill. Right then and there, I knew I had it coming to me. Wrong outfit. I'm pretty sure that if I lose anything in my hips or waist, it'll go strait to my thighs.

So we're peddling, mostly up hill :( and I can feel the sweat collect. Plus, its humid up here so that's even worse cause now I feel all sticky. Once we hit Broadway, your pretty much going down, or straight. It's when we got to Riverdale (which is part of the Bronx, but its a well to do area... very cute) that I died. I'm pretty sure I peddled up a s 45 degree slope. It was pathetic and I'm glad it wasn't on video lol. You know that numb feeling you get in your legs from working so hard? That was me, I couldn't feel my legs when I got off the bike to walk, so who knows what I looked like walking. As far as I was concerned I had noodles for legs.

What better way to get aquatinted with your bike... or cycling in the city. After that adventure, peddling next to vehicles didn't bother me. Do yourself a favor and fix up your bike by purchasing these things:

1. Flashers
2. Bell
3. Water bottle holder

*Everyone uses their cell phones today while driving, so anything that makes the biker more noticeable is worth investing in. Also, when you go to your local bike shop, ask for a map so that you can see what part of the city has bike lanes :)

Riverdale is very cute and quant. There's a college, lots of cute eateries, little shops, you know the whole NY picturesque scene. Wouldn't mind living there one bit. Next time I'll take pics, cause there's def some place I wanna try.

Later on after I changed into workout clothes, as soon as I get my bike outside it starts to sprinkle. Since I'm not comfortable cycling in the rain, I decide to walk. *Always carry an umbrella. Time to go get food. So I get to the grocery store, purchase the things I need, as soon as I get outside it's raining cats and dogs. Fortunately the bus is right there, so i'll just catch a ride home. As I was walking through the rain it made me wonder, what am I going to do when it's like this and I'm on my way to work??? Should I buy rain boots? A raincoat? Sometimes you can't prepare, you have to go through the experience... then again maybe that's the artist in me speaking ;)

Now, on to the main topic. Do cat's really land on their feet? This question has only been brought up by a series of events.

My cat's name is Zeke. He's very chill, but he has his moments. He can be very obnoxious when he talks to much, when he gets hyper and wants to play, and when he decides to roam wherever he likes and knocks over everything in his path. He's also an explorer of heights. May no height go unexplored! He's a very social animal. So last night at about 2, I head to bed. As soon as I lay down, I hear this banging sound. Because I know how Zeke is, I have to go make sure he's not doing anything he's not suppose too. Around here we like to keep the windows open in our apt. They do have screen protectors on them, so that the cats can't get out, but they can still sit on the ledge. Well Zeke's on the ledge pawing at the corner of the screen, so now the screen is partially opening. Don't forget, we live on the 6 floor... so that made me wonder, if he fell would he land on his feet? I seriously doubt it.

So now I have to shut the window until I figure out what to do. Ok, so I close the window but now he's roaming the apt being annoying. He comes into my room and suddenly I hear this sound. I look at my window (which is partially open and it does have a window unit in it) and he's hanging from the top of the window, trying to... get out??? Literally my cat is hanging on the window! This shouldn't surprise me, but it does. He's that kind of cat, VERY curious. If your wondering how he got like that, well this is how: he jumps onto my worktable, hops on the window unit, and jumps for the top of the window. It's the part of the window you pull, to open or close, this is where Zeke had his paws. And his back feet were on their way up the window, so he's climbing up the window. In my mind he's climbing up and out the window. Between the first window event and this one, its now about 3:45. Now I have both windows closed, maybe I can finally go to sleep. Wrong again. Now he's jumping up on my window unit looking at the very top of the widow... and I know he's contemplating jumping. In fact he's looking at the window right now... So now every time I heard him jump on my window unit I spray him with the water bottle. Well then every time I heard a noise in the apt, I had to get up and see what it was. It was then and there I realized how glad I am not to be a mom, and should I give him up for adoption or take him to SPCA??? So I did a little research and found this clever suggestion:

Maybe I can do something clever with it. The main reason I like it though is because it'll still allow the air to flow. If ya'll have any other suggestions let me know.

Hoping for a full nights rest tonight.


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  2. What a funny story. I can so relate to your bicycle adventure. And then your cat--you know what I would have done to him! Love ya Honey!


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