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NY Bound pt. 1...

It's finally here and I can't believe it! Here's how Sunday and Monday went down...

Sunday night we prepped everything!!! Loaded the trailer, made hotel reservations, figured out what stops to make along the way, etc... For those who have thought or will be making a trip like this, keep in mind that the miles from Texas to NY are (depending on destination) about 1800 miles, that's about 30 hours or more... longer if you pull a trailer. Now, something else you should be aware of is that there is a time change, so that'll delay you at least an hour from arriving at your destination if you don't prepare accordingly. Try to make this trip as enjoyable as possible, cause it does get tiring sitting for so long... yea your bum will be hurting lol.

I still don't know how everything fit in that trailer... this is probably just half of my stuff.

We pretty much took picnic food, like:

turkey and pb&j sandwiches
Baked chips
String cheese
Sunflower seeds
Breakfast Blend- yummy
Green tea
Diet drinks
*yes I'm aware lots of food, but you gotta have variety and make sure you bring baby wipes. It helps for when you have sticky fingers.

It was a very very long drive, and also very gorgeous... love the country. I you ever get the opportunity to drive this way I recommend it.

My mom cracks me up, she didn't want to flip through the map book so she made her own... it didn't last for long.

Monday morning....

This picture doesn't do it justice, but we were packed in there like sardines. We left at 5:30a

A really ugly grass hoper... he was like prehistoric dinosaur big

Thank goodness for electronics! Google maps has been a huge save. We did try to find a US road map, but couldn't find one??? I do recommend a laptop, I doubt I have to give you a reason as to why you shouldn't bring one :) Make sure you become aware of toll roads, so have change ready. Also, they will charge you for 3 axels if your pulling a trailer. 

NoDoz... necessary and needed!!!

 Oklahoma is nice, but once you hit Missouri it gets gorgeous. Its also very hilly and tons of trees. 

In case you forgot what green grass and trees look like.... lovely :)

Fuel has been pretty reasonable. Prices ranged from $3.10-$3.55. Monday we spent a total of $216 in fuel. We filled up every 3 hours, this was also the time that we switched out drivers. Monday we drove from Texas to the outskirts of Illinois. We left at 5:30a and arrived to our final destination at 9p... exhausted. 


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