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I live where?!...


My second day here. Usually I'm ready to head out but I admit, the "get up and go" part of me hasn't really been with it. Of course it's only because of where I live. Where do I live you ask? In the ghetto. That's where I live. I live in the ghetto. Not too sure how I feel about this??? How do I know its the ghetto:

1. I've had several people tell me I live in the ghetto
2. I was just told what streets to avoid
3. Does being a minority count???

LOL... what am I thinking being here?!

All for the love of the city life.

What I've discovered...

1. It's very dirty here
2. Eeeekkkk!!!! Theres roaches and mice
3. I've been told, "your not from here." and thats not a question
4. When people find out I'm from Texas, they automatically go into hick mode and imitate the word "y'all"
5. Central airing is a rarity, but I do get to sleep with my window open every night... so when it rains, its incredible... the smell, sound...
6. My roommate loves listening to jazz... and if you know me, you know I LOVE JAZZ.
7. Everything is small and cramped here
8. Walking everywhere is normal... I better have a great pair of legs by August.
9. I don't like having to figure out what to cook???
10. It doesn't' matter what you wear or look like, EVERYONE dresses differently.
11. You can't smile and say hi to everyone... that's the Texas girl coming out of me.
12. Better have a pair of shoe's you don't mind wearing everywhere.


Today was a lot easier. When it comes to living in a new place, you just gotta make yourself get out there and go. Go man go! It wasn't nearly as startling today as it was yesterday.

Had to get a map. Trains are always changing/updating.

When I get off the bus I have to go up the stairs to get on the train

The bus I take.


  1. I like your list! For #9, here's a tip: eggs are cheap! Learn to make an omelet. You can have dinner ready in under 10 minutes. I like to thaw a little frozen spinach in the microwave, then whisk it into some eggs and make an omelet with some cheddar cheese. Easy peasy. And good for you!

    Hang in there girl. You will learn to live in NY just like a native. :)

    1. YUMMY! Perfect! Thanks fort the idea, thats exactly what I need to hear.

  2. Your posts are hilarious. You crack me up. What a way to describe your trip. I absolutely love it!


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