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The time is near...

Pack, pack, pack, finally load truck, pack, load truck, reorganize, pack, reorganize truck, pack, load truck... lol. Yes this is pretty much how its been for the past two weeks or since I wrote last. It's amazing what your willing to settle for just so that you don't have to pack it away.... or if you don't have enough room. If I could I would take as little as possible and start over up state, but since I don't have my money tree I must be clever.... which isn't necessarily a bad thing, because we must all be clever in life. If your capable of doing so, I definitely recommend taking as little as possible. 


Right now we're just putting the finishing touches on everything. When it comes to packing it doesn't matter how much you pack in advance, there's always the last minute stuff. Of course I also have the last minute sewing projects I'm trying to finish for my mom as well.... what is she going to do without her in home seamstress??? Somehow everything has worked out?! :) I was actually able to take all the important things I needed. I figure once I get settled up there, I can figure out about what to do with the stuff I've left behind. 

Things I'm taking...

*Keep in mind the covered tailer is a little less then 8ft lg and (maybe) 6ft wide, and YES! we were able to fit the list of things I'm taking:
1. 8'4"x3' work bench... that also includes the work bench legs
2. my 15+ boxes
3. dress form/mannequin
4. bike 
5. dresser (the one I refinished)
6. mattress
7. organizing plastic bends
8. 7'x3' art poster/pictures
9. suite cases with my clothes packed in them
and all the little stuff... I can't believe my dad was able to fit everything?!

I tell you it's been maddening around here. For a day I got to see what it might be like to live as a "path person." You know, people that like to keep everything so they end up making little paths in their house in order to get around. That was our house for less then a day (except it was with boxes) and I could barely handle it.

Some funny things....

So incase you were wondering here's some tidbits. It's way too expensive to keep my vehicle, so I won't be taking it with me. Here's why its so expensive. When I was going to attempt to live in NJ I found that my transportation to and from the city 5 days a week was going to cost me around $260 a month, that right there is less then the monthly payments, insurance, car maintenance: gas/oil change/unplanned expenses, and parking fees.... all of which I would have to pay if I brought my vehicle with me. A friend of mine told me that she knows a woman that pays $2,000.00 a month JUST for parking, so I don't mind one bit leaving my vehicle here in Texas. Although it was really odd cleaning out my vehicle yesterday and knowing that I probably won't be driving for awhile. Another thing is, there's not really a one stop shop over there like there is here... at least I haven't seen one. I can kiss Walmart, Target, Linens N Things, Bed Bath & Beyond all goodbye. Thats another reason why I have so much stuff, I have no idea where to go and buy certain things like towels, an iron, a coffee pot (we know i'll need my coffee), sheets for my bed, etc... They do have grocery stores there, but there very small and quant. I know there are places to go and buy the types of things you might find in a Target or Bed Bath & Beyond, but its where to find them. 

I have to say I definitely have mixed feeling about moving. It's nuts. I feel like half of me is very excited to be able to experience this new adventure, and then half of me is already feeling VERY home sick. So when people ask me if I'm excited, lol usually my response is, "it's different" or "I don't know?" I'm sure once I get up there I'll feel a lot more excited. Luckily with today's technology I will get to do video chat with friends and family. I recommend TANGO. It's free and you don't have to be on wifi to use it. 

Travel note: We will be traveling 1820+ miles, so since there's 4 of us we all plan on driving 3 hours a piece. Keep in mind that if you do have to pull a trailer, you'll have to pull it at a slower speed so getting to your destination will take longer. I'm hoping that since we'll be driving through some awesome cities, we'll be able to make a stop or two at some historic spots. 

Thanks for coming with me on this journey everyone :) I will be posting pictures of before and after just to give you more of feel on how every thing looks and goes.


  1. So the journey begins!!! So excited to be along for the ride! I have goose bumps for you! Cheryl


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