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Happy Labor Day!

She writes!


Lately I've been homesick. Close family and friends can vouch for this. I miss Texas and everyone in it like crazy, but then I have a moment like this:

It's not hard for me to fall in love with NYC. All I have to do is walk the streets and it's exactly where I wanna be. There's a reason they sell items that say I love NYC... it's so true!

So because it's Labor Day, and because I'm on a budget, I've decided to see what there is to do in NYC for FREE. Yes that's right folks, I just used the word free and NYC in the same sentence.

Apparently there's quite a bit to do if you look for it, but before we go down that road here's a little catching up on some other great spots.

Joe's Shanghai. Affordable and delicious.

These were seriously the BEST dumplings ever! 

I know they look really creepy weird, but don't even acknowledge it like that or else your missing out on an iconic NY moment. 
How you eat them:
1. Place in spoon
2. Bite off top
3. Sip broth on inside
4. Fill with chile and side sauce 
5. Eat

A friend and I weren't exactly to sure on how to eat them, so the couple next to us explained. Awesome NY moment :)

Notice the letter? Apparently every food joint gets a rating that has to be posted. "A" of course being best. I had never noticed these signs before, until it was pointed out to me. I wonder what kind of rating Texas restaurants would get??? Oh yea, Starbucks got an A :)

One of the many reasons I love NY. Actually I love those kind of apts, I'm determined to live in one someday.

That iconic Flatiron. Ever wonder why its such a historical landmark?

My favorite! Not only for the movie, but the food is worth it! I recommend the Ruben with pickles on the side. 

History in the making:

If you go to NYC, you have to make time for this place. It's worth it. One of the many reasons why I love NYC.

Lol, oddly enough these items were on sale. Of course one would assume this would all be free (nothing was tagged, it was all used, and we couldn't find a "sales person") or NYC's version of a garage sale. Apparently the women selling this stuff was banned from selling her items in a different location. Supposedly her and another person got in an argument... pretty funny. 

NYC art

My first espresso. 

Now down a different road... I choose FREEdom.

There's tons to do in NYC that's free, so here's the few things that I did today. I'll be sure to continue the free list, so that I can update all of you.

NY is a big city, so I didn't quite accomplish as much as I would have liked to today. Especially since I walked everywhere.

1. The Staten Ferry. It's free, they serve beer, food, and it takes you right by Liberty Island :)

Isn't she gorgeous :)

2. National Museum of the American Indian.

Of course they're only open till 5, so I wasn't able to make. 

The iconic Wall St Bull. Make sure that you go at night or during a work day to get pictures with the bull. 
History fact: (I love what the bull represents) Arturo Di Modica first conceived of the Charging Bull as a way to celebrate the can-do spirit of America and especially New York, where people from all other the world could come regardless of their origin or circumstances, and through determination and hard work overcome every obstacle to become successful. It’s this symbol of virility and courage that Arturo saw as the perfect antidote to the Wall Street crash of 1986.

These buildings are right next to 911, but what I want to know is what it was like for the residents located so close to something that might have felt so realistic. If walls could talk.

3. 911 Memorial 

Before you go through, you have to go through security check. It's like your at the airport.

When you look at the pictures of debris you gotta wonder, where did they begin?

I wonder what they saw?

Thats the museum... still in the making.

After 11 yrs, theres still much to be done.

Curious to see what was inside, when I looked I found those two beams. At the top of that first beam it says "save." I'm betting that's something from one of the towers.

The survivor tree.

There's a story behind that, but you should go visit to find out what it is.

Headed towards #4 on our FREEdom list. Since I decided to walk the entire way, here's some sightseeing. 

A really big department store, that's an absolute mess on the inside.

Some of the things that makes NYC so amazing.

I took this pic because of the word whalebone. Whalebone was originally used as boning for corsets.

Notice the letter? Mr. Chow is good to go.

So true. 

This is in West Village... love West Village. So cute and quant. 

4. The High Line. 

Railroad tacks you can see throughout the walk.

When walking The High Line, there's plenty of great spots to sit, chat, or just to soak it all in. It's all very zen.

Walking The High Line you get such a great view of the city.

and of course art.

Unfortunately that's all I can show right now. Trust me though, there's still plenty more to come. After walking the streets of Manhattan, it was time to grab some grub. Granted there's no such thing as free food... unless a friend is paying... so I went with some $1 pizza from 2Bros Pizza. 



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