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Dreams come true

Hello friends :) So I've never blogged before and I'm not a writer, so don't expect anything profound.  Here recently a friend inspired me to notate my new adventures, so I figured why not? I hope that what I write will at least inspire or encourage anyone else, so here's a little of whats been going on...

I'm a small town Texas girl who LOVES the city life! Especially NYC! I graduated in 08 with a degree in Fashion Design, but when I graduated I had no idea what I wanted to do? I was feeling frustrated, and confused. On top of that I didn't get the chance to do an internship while in school... actually it's more like I didn't think I needed one... I regret that now, so if any of you fashion lovers are thinking about avoiding an internship... DON'T!!! Remember, internships offer connections maybe even the chance to get a job sooner. After I graduated I was thinking, "what was the point?!" I was so mad I just spent all this money for what? After working in retail awhile I finally came to my senses and realized that there was a purpose and a reason for me going to school for FD. I love it! So, after passing through the emotions, and denial I finally accepted that this is what I'm meant to do. Not many people know what they want to do in life or have a passion for anything, I feel very fortunate in that area. So two years after graduation I moved back home with my parents (fortunately I like my parents), paid off unnecessary credit cards, and purchased things to get me going towards the career path I desire so badly. Four years later, I got my internship... in NYC!!!!! I start July 1 and will live in NJ.

My point to this blog is that, if you have a passion for something don't give up on it. There are people out there who love you, want to see you happy, and be a success. If someone would have told me 4, 3, 2, or even 1 year ago that I was going to be at this point, I wouldn't have believed them.


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Welcome Back lizsewnyc.


Originally I started this blog to show you what living in New York was like. Five years later I'm living in Florida, and A LOT has changed. How much has changed:

Here's a peek:

-I decided to move back to Texas cause I was homesick, I had accomplished what I set out to do, and I wasn't finding a full time design job.
-I had several different jobs trying to make ends meet.
-I started a pillow business, but quit.
-Put a halt on all things fashion, because I needed a restart.
-Most exciting part, fell madly in love and got married.
-Moved across country, something I said I would never do again.
-I was 27 in 2012 and now I'm 32.

For the past 5 years, I have also been trying to figure out what it is creatively that I like to do... and I'm still trying to figure it out. What I can tell you:

I love...
-Interior design

*LOL I don't think any of that has changed.

In the midst of rediscovering myself I've also been focusin…

Happy Labor Day!

She writes!


Lately I've been homesick. Close family and friends can vouch for this. I miss Texas and everyone in it like crazy, but then I have a moment like this:

It's not hard for me to fall in love with NYC. All I have to do is walk the streets and it's exactly where I wanna be. There's a reason they sell items that say I love NYC... it's so true!

So because it's Labor Day, and because I'm on a budget, I've decided to see what there is to do in NYC for FREE. Yes that's right folks, I just used the word free and NYC in the same sentence.

Apparently there's quite a bit to do if you look for it, but before we go down that road here's a little catching up on some other great spots.

Joe's Shanghai. Affordable and delicious.

These were seriously the BEST dumplings ever! 

I know they look really creepy weird, but don't even acknowledge it like that or else your missing out on an iconic NY moment.  How you eat them: 1. Place in spoon …


I love simplicity. 
For me simplicity says less is more. Which is why I enjoy how the English and Italians dress, or the elegant renderings of Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, and Balenciaga. 
Since I work at Burberry, I feel that it is more then appropriate to make this next chapter about the place that I work at... Burberry. 
Let me give you a background check...
-Thomas Burberry established his business in 1856. -He focused on outerwear in the beginning.  -He invented the weave Gabardine, which is what a majority of our trench coats are made of.
-Gabardine was patented in 1888.
There's even a fabulous short film they've created to demonstrate what Burberry has done:

Of course what makes me love Burberry the most, is that ICONIC trench coat. 

When you put on our trench coat, you can feel the difference. 
-You feel like a million bucks. -Everyone looks good in a trench coat.  -You can wear it for any occasion. 
I can't tell you how I know about the Burberry trench coat, it&…