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The History of MJRené...

To anyone who has known me since HS and up, knows me as Liz... and sometimes Lizzy. How it becomes Lizzy I don't know cause I really don't like the name, but that's another tangent. Anyhow, when I was younger I went by René and i'm still considered René to close family. However, the MJ initials are very dear to my heart, and that's because they mean something.

The initials stand for Mary Jane, which is my grandmother, my dad's mom. I feel that I have a very close and special bond with her. The reason I sign this MJRené is because I honestly feel that it was my grandmother who guided me in this direction. She planted this seed in my life. Now she didn't do it intentionally, in fact this was probably the last thing on her mind, but here's why I do think she is a major contributor to this love I have for fashion.

Take a walk with me down memory lane...

It feels like I was always at her house when I was younger, and of course I will cherish those memory till the very day I die. Movies play a very big roll in my design process. I love watching movies because they inspire me, but not just any particular movie but old movies, like Singing in the Rain, Gone with the Wind, Fiddler on the Roof, My Fair Lady, Now Voyager etc...  The kind you watch on TCM. These are the kind of movies I watched when I would stay with her. Another thing I would do is play dress up... lol. This is embarrassing, but necessary to paint the story as to why I am the way I am today. I LOVED playing dress up at her house. She had these polyester silky nightgowns that I just ADORED! I would put them on along with her shoes and purse. Keep in mind my grandmother has a size 10 foot (I definitely click clacked everywhere I went,) and she had the best shoe closet. Just rows and rows of shoes to choose from... a little girls play land. Another thing she was always doing is sewing something together like blankets, clothes for me, and specifically Barbie Doll clothes.

I have so many wonderful memories of being with her that I wish I could just go on and on about all of this stuff, but that is why I sign this MJRené. My grandmother but mostly known as Nana is the one who introduced me to the classics, let me play dress up, and introduced fashion to me. Even though when I was younger I never was interested in sewing, I loved how BEAUTIFUL it made me feel or look. Fashion is a form of expression. I love fashion because it can help translate something you may not be able to show or reveal any other way. Fashion can be so many things, but the best part about it, is that it can empower you. It can boost your confidence, translate a certain kind of message, but it can also mean something and have a history the way MJ does for me.

Now you know, this is why I sign MJRené. I hope you've had someone in your life inspire you the way my grandmother has for me. Here are some pics, hope you enjoy :)

1. My grandmother is on the right, I think she said she was in her late teens here. Somewhere around the DFW metro

2. Thanksgiving '11

3. The night gown that transformed me into a princess. I might have been between 3-5

4. A really good book that demonstrates what I talk about regarding fashion being such an influence and having so much meaning

5. The Barbie dress Nana made for me, yup I still have it. This is probably why I love making so many strapless dresses lol


  1. I REMEMBER that barbie dress!!!!!! I think that was the coveted dress that we both wanted to use all the time :) I'm so glad you still have it!! xoxo

    1. LOL Awe... I'm so glad :) OMG I remember we played Barbies all the time, so cute <3


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